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Spend 2016 Working ON Your Business

in a Circle of Women Entrepreneurs

Where do you see your business 6 months from now?

CEO School for Women™ is enrolling now for 2016. Sign up now to learn more.

Developed by women for women; structure, experience, practicality and support are the underlying principles. Led by a knowledgeable business advisor and facilitator of Executive Roundtables, each class provides lessons to apply today and to serve over the long haul as your business grows. Rather than rival graduate business schools, our practical curriculum is designed for busy women like you to implement and benefit from immediately.

You are invited to nominate a woman entrepreneur — or perhaps you yourself — for an exciting new business growth program:  CEO School for Women™

CEO School for Women™ is a business growth program for a select group of women business owners who are committed to building their company, and ready to navigate to the next level. Whether you are focused on building your business, or scaling it to build value for an exit on your own terms, we have a program for you.

CEO School™ is better than an actual “school.”

    Yikes! Where do I start!

  • My business has survived startup but I can't seem to get traction to make it "over the hump."
  • I feel lonely and uncertain if I'm on the right track.
  • I'm feeling "stuck."
  • I learn best from doing, and from others.
  • I could really use some encouragement, guidance, accountability, and structure.

     I need clarity!

  • My business has been successful, and I want to scale it without tipping into overwhelm.
  • I need some expert guidance about new issues and how to balance as we grow
  • I'm beginning to think about my "end game" and how I can set my company up for a successful exit on my own terms and timetable.

Which Business Owner sounds more like you?

What’s included in your tuition:

  • 3.5 hours per month of coaching, education, and mentoring: 2.5 in person to work ON your business,
    1 hour online Google Hangout MasterMind. Each segment will be scheduled for the same day, time and place each month to permit your full participation.
  • Expert guidance from experienced business advisor with guest faculty to bring Best Practices
  • Accountability partners - other women business owners who are going through the same processes and issues in their business
  • Foundational business tools you can use throughout the life of your company
  • A Practically Painless Business Plan™
  • Skill building on the financial side of operating your business - why your focus should be on Cash Flow
  • Fundamentals of marketing principles including digital marketing and social media 
  • DropBox access to forms, files and collateral
  • Closed Facebook group for participants only
  • Invitation to extended CEO School™ Events, Workshops, and Weekends
  • 25% discount on additional consulting hours with Nancy Chorpenning ($100 off per hour)
  • Custom CEO School for Women™ 2016 Journal

CEO School™Emerging Growth Class

Tuition $1997 

Monthly payment plan = $350/month

CEO School™ Emerging Growth Class is a 6-month Business Growth Program exclusively for women business owners who meet in-person monthly. CEO School™ is designed for women entrepreneurs whose business has survived startup and are making the pivot to the growth stage. It’s normal to feel a bit lost or unsure. Real confidence begins with believing in your ability to learn and improve. We are all about developing your courageous self while sharing practical business skills, tools and resources.

What you will learn:

  • How to create and USE an operating business plan for accountability and metrics in your business
  • Understanding and applying key financial principles and tools essential to smart business management
  • Marketing strategies will accomplish the goals you set for your business
  • Basic budgeting and managing cash flow
  • Smart organization structure to plan for growth of your company

Our Typical CEO School Agenda

Emerging Growth

09:30 - 09:45                                                     Check in with status of business and personal life 09:45 - 10:05                                                                       Review accountabilities from prior class

10:05 - 10:25                                                                                                            Business Plan Check Ins

10:25 - 10:45                                                                                                 Financial Focus of the Month

10:45 - 10:50                                                                                                                                                    Break

10:50 - 11: 20                                                                                                               Monthly Focus Lesson

11:20 - 11:50                                                                   Practical Guided Exercises on Focus Topic

11:50 - noon                                                                                       Homework, Wrap up, and Adjourn


  • Business Plan Check In
  • Finance Focus Topic
  • Prior Accountabilities Check

Month 1

Visioning a Business You Love

Month 2

Your Practically Painless One Page
         Operating Business Plan

Month 3

Cash Flow Planning

Emerging Growth Curriculum

Month 4

Your Product/Service and Customers

Month 5

Your Marketing Plan

Month 6

Sales & Business Development

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Accounting for the Numberphobic

"My revenues have increased 30% in less than 6 months with what I've applied from CEO School!"

"Implementing a recurring revenue model has saved my business, and I can see long term value."

"I no longer feel so alone and uneasy, because I know I have my badass women from CEO School to make me fearless."

"I have gained more perspective on where I need to focus and what I need to let go."

"I have a better picture of my exit strategy and where I want to be 5 years from now."

What CEO School Members are saying...

CEO School for Women™ Accelerated Growth Class is a 12-month Business Growth Program exclusively for women who meets in-person monthly. 

This class at CEO School™ is designed for women entrepreneurs who want to focus on accelerating their business to the next level. The program is appropriate for parallel and serial entrepreneurs, as many of our participants are managing more than one business.  FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY will be the foci, and we will emphasize strong financial skill building and understanding. It is for those who need to know about exit strategies and how to build their business so it will be ready when they're ready.

We meet in-person monthly for 5 hours. Each class is limited to 10. Additionally, we have a 1-hour monthly online Strategic Issues MasterMind. Our private LinkedIn Group allows 24/7 exchange of ideas and guidance in our online community,

In 2016 we will include the Value Builder System™ in our curriculum.  This will guide you to increase the extrinsic value of your business. Whether you are seeking an outside loan, investment capital, or preparing to sell, this curriculum has shown to increase profitability and value of your company.

CEO School™Accelerated Growth Class

Tuition $6600 (save $600)

Monthly payment plan = $600/month 


$1000 for a 1-year subscription to 

     The Value Builder System™

What’s included in your tuition:

  • 6 hours per month of skill building, structured education and guidance: 5 hours in person PLUS      
    1 hour virtual online Hangout exclusive to members of the Accelerated Growth Class 
  • Lunch and beverages at monthly classes included
  • Convenient location and free parking at The Georgian Club at the Galleria (I-285 & I-75)
  • Expert guidance from accomplished faculty 
  • Accountability tools and partners 
  • A Practically Painless Business Plan™ 
  • A Business Model Canvas that WORKS - how your service or product works with your markets, vendors, partners 
  • Monthly focus on understanding and practicing financial side of business - from bookkeeping to accounting to financial reports 
  • Quarterly 1:1 60-minute consult with Nancy Chorpenning, Founder & Managing Director
  • Applications of marketing principles including digital marketing and social media 
  • DropBox access to forms, files and collateral
  • Exclusive Accelerated Growth Linkedin group
  • Closed Facebook group for CEO School™ students only
  • Invitation to exclusive annual week-long CEO School™ Accelerators’ Retreat 
  • Invitation and discounts to extended CEO School™ Events, Workshops and Weekends
  • Online Value Builders System™  and Dashboard with accessible metric tracking for your business value
  • 25% discount on additional consulting hours with Nancy Chorpenning ($100 off per hour)
  • Custom CEO School for Women™ 2016 Journal

1st Quarter 

Visioning & Your Strategic Plan

Your Operating Plan & Business Models

Financial Planning for Owners

2nd Quarter

Your Marketing Plan

Your Financial Reports and Budgeting

Sales & Business Development

Accelerated Growth Curriculum

3rd Quarter

Leadership for Owners

Managing People

Your Exit Strategy

4th Quarter


Next Year’s Goals

Celebrating 2016


  • Business Plan Check In
  • Value Builder Check In
  • Finance Focus Topic
  • Prior Accountabilities Check
  • Strategic Issues Check In

Our Typical CEO School Agenda

Accelerated Growth

09:30 - 09:50                                Check in with status of business and personal life

09:50 - 09:55                                                                                                        Announcements

09:55 - 10:15                                                    Review accountabilities from prior class

10:15 - 10:25                 Refresh from prior class; answer outstanding questions

10:25 - 10:35                                                                                                                                Break

10:35 - 10:45                                                Business Plan and Value Builder Updates

10:45 - 11:15                                                           Financial Topic Review of the Month

11:15 - 11:45                                                                                          Monthly Focus Lesson

11:45 - 12:15                                             Practical Guided Exercises on Focus Topic

12:15 - 12:45                        CEO Women Lunch with occasional expert speakers

12:45 - 02:15                                                                                          Strategic Issues Circle 02:15 - 02:30                                                                                            Wrap Up and Adjourn

Nancy Chorpenning

Executive Director and Founder

CEO School for Women™

Managing Director

C-Suite Advisors

Our Faculty

Rebecca Prien helps creative entrepreneurs start, grow and protect their businesses through a unique clear & friendly, visual approach to business law. Rebecca is known for translating law into something not just palatable but truly useful—a tool to both protect and build a lasting business. She has advised entrepreneurs in design, illustration, fine art, jewelry and fashion, marketing, coaching and consulting, social gaming, digital type and novelty consumer goods.

Rebecca graduated from Princeton University in 1996 and from Boston University School of Law in 2001, where she was a member of the coveted Law Review. She practiced at two AM-100 law firms and two United States Courts of Appeals before launching Counsel to Creativity in 2009.

Praise for Nancy Chorpenning:

"I have been so fortunate to work with Nancy as she facilitated our CEO Roundtable. Nancy's ability to understand business concepts and then put them into real world context makes her an invaluable resource. She has the ability to introduce new ways of looking at things and challenge your thinking while keeping you feeling empowered."

"Her breadth of network allows her to bring expertise to business owners when it is most needed and provides an endorsement that ensures confidence and enables you to move forward."

"I most value Nancy's ability to ask the tough questions and help you come to your own solutions with her wisdom and guidance. She is truly a consummate professional and valued business colleague."

Lissa Versteegh

President & CEO, Georgia Sales Development

"Nancy has challenged me to look deeper into business issues with ideas to grow my company with strategic, as well as tactical solutions. Her leadership always kept our group on track when discussing solutions to business issues."

"As a business owner, I used to discuss business issues with employees and/or my spouse. Nancy's leadership has allowed me to discuss strategic matters with other business owners. I highly value Nancy Chorpenning's business acumen."

Lillian DeAngelo

President, Proforma Custom Business Services

"I met Nancy around the time my business turned 7 years old. I knew it was time for a change, but I was too close to it to be objective. Nancy objectively, expertly, professionally yet gently led me through the change process I needed to navigate."

"She took the time to understand my goals and our brand essence and then took me through the steps I needed to take to set a plan for growth. She broke down a complex process into manageable steps that resulted in success. And, she connected me with professional resources I needed but didn't have access to previously."

"With Nancy's support and guidance, our agency survived through the economic downturn and is now poised for exponential growth!"

Mollye Rhea

President and Founder, ForMomentum

Lisa Robinson is a Certified Public Accountant with more than 20 years' experience across a broad range of industries including real estate, oil and gas, e-commerce, retail, design, and not for profit. Her firm, LR Robinson, LLC, is located in Tucker, GA and serves clients in the Atlanta Metro area. Lisa and her firm specialize working with small business and nonprofit clients. 

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Lisa is an active member of the Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants where she has served as Vice Chair of the Minority Issues Committee and is currently on the Leadership Council. Robinson is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounting and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). 

Seeing an urgent unmet need for practical support, accountability, and skill building built BY women FOR women, in 2014 business advisor and coach Nancy Chorpenning, created CEO School for Women™. 

Nancy brings broad business knowledge as an information and education executive (Editor-in-Chief at Little, Brown & Company, and the management team that launched WebMD) to inspire and advocate for women entrepreneurs. A self-proclaimed "Corporate Refugee," Nancy coaching from strategic discovery to organization structure and operations is further informed by a superb graduate education in Marketing and Organization Behavior from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. She’s worked with thousands of women business owners from every industry imaginable, particularly while serving on the National Board of Directors of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners). Nancy is author of the forthcoming book, Whispers from My Business Whisperer: Inspiration and Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs.

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